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These include the engine, fuel, drive system, electrical fittings, steering, suspension, exhaust, brakes, tyres, vision, and any internal features.


Automatic Gearbox Repairs

In 1980, we moved into the rebuilding and repair of all automatic gearboxes and today we supply both companies and private customers throughout the United Kingdom and other parts of Europe.


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Terms and Conditions

  1. This is in respect of a re-serviced transmission. In the case of a customer’s own transmission being repaired (as distinct from being completely re-serviced), only the parts renewed are subject to guarantee. i.e. if you are not charged the full current re-servicing price the remainder of the unit is not subject to guarantee.
  2. The transmission is sold with a 12 month ( see Section 8 ) guarantee provided you purchase a torque converter.
  3. Trade customers are advised to inform their customers of the guarantee of the guarantee period and conditions mentioned herein.
  4. The transmission is not suitable for use unless correctly fitted to the engine and the vehicle in the manner and with the fittings and equipment recommended by the vehicle maker.
  5. The transmission is not suitable for use if fitted or connected to or working with defective parts of a vehicle or fitted to a vehicle model for which it was not specifically designed.
  6. The transmission is not suitable for use in any rally, road race, grass or track event.
  7. The transmission is not suitable for use unless it is kept properly lubricated in the manner and with a lubricant approved by the vehicle makers.
  8. WE GUARANTEE the transmission for 12 months (12.000 miles if transmission is fitted in our own workshop or if loose unit is supplied) from the date of this Agreement provided.a) the transmission is not damaged in any accident.b) the transmission is only used in a normal and suitable manner.c) we are notified immediately of any defect and intention to claim under this guarantee.d) the transmission has not been wholly or partly dismantled.e) as soon as practicable after such notification, the transmission is returned to us.f) if required, the vehicle is delivered to us for our inspection.
  9. When a valid claim is made, we will at our option, repair the defective transmission or exchange it or refund the price. If there is a dispute as to the cause of the fault, we may, charge the full price of a replacement transmission until such time as the faulty unit has been examined, if we are at fault the price will then be refunded.
  10. If we repair or exchange the transmission the original guarantee period is not extended.
  11. In the event of any possible claim where the transmission has not been fitted by us, proof of mileage MUST be provided.
  12. We do not cover consequential loss.
  13. This warranty is non-transferable


We recommend you always change your converter when fitting a replacement transmission.

Extreme care must be exercised in order not to damage front pump oil seal. Kick down cable/electric solenoids/vacuum modulators and throttle adjustments must be carried out as specified by the makers of the vehicle (i.e. in conjunction with Tachometer and Pressure Gauge). Correct manual linkage alignment is very important and aligning tools must be used where applicable.

It is highly important to use the correct type of fluid using the accurate method when checking the fluid level. In your own interest the Flex/Drive plate and the bush for the torque converter boss should be examined and replaced if necessary.

Engine condition /performance must be restored to specification for the transmission to operate normally. Where oil coolers are fitted, the oil and pipes must be flushed out.


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